Week of May 14: Advertising…and The End!

This is our last week of classes, and we’ve spent it discussing advertising, which is critical to our current media system and highly influential for our culture.

We looked at the various sources from which the public gains information about companies and brands, and played with Google’s Think Quarterly Brand Impression builder. Try it out with some other brands and see how complex the world of brand management and strategic communication must be today in order to cope with these millions of information sources.

We discussed the challenges marketers face in getting through “ad clutter,” and how guerrilla and viral marketing techniques have emerged as useful strategies. In particular, I mentioned to you the legendary Subservient Chicken, created by Burger King, which was a significant viral campaign.

We reviewed briefly the changes in advertising patterns across traditional and newer media, especially the decline in newspaper ad revenue, the time spent with different forms of TV/video entertainment, and the distribution of ad spending across different media.

We witnessed the sad demise of the last advertising agency on earth, and learned that bad ads make kittens cry.

We talked about how marketers want your BRAINZ — like zombies. ;-)

We looked at the changes in advertising styles over time, and you can continue this exploration at adflip.

We learned about positioning a product from “Mad Men”:

And, finally, we discussed Robert Cialdini’s “Weapons of Influence” and looked for their use in ads.

It was a busy week! One more in a great semester. Thanks for all your hard work this semester. Please keep in touch and continue to think about media! :-)

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