Week of May 7: Public Relations

We’ve discussed public relations this week, and kicked things off with a terrific and informative guest appearance via Skype by Andi Narvaez of Lois Paul and Partners.

We spent some time talking about the development and purpose of modern PR, including this amazing video of Edward Bernays discussing the Ivory Soap campaign.

We examined the press releases made available to journalists by PR Newswire. We talked about the role of social media in PR today, and looked at the challenges companies and government face in using social media effectively, as demonstrated by @BPGlobalPR, #McDStories, and #Julia. (BTW, you never know what may come up on those hashtag searches…use caution!)

Here’s the article about the role of PR in state government from The Oregonian that we discussed, as well.

Finally, you developed possible PR strategies for a variety of case studies during class. Here are the professionals’ solutions for the challenges you addressed — but your ideas were just as creative and interesting!

Just one more week of classes — I look forward to seeing you on Monday!

  1. After class I checked out some more of the McDonald’s twitter replies to their PR campaign. Funny stuff.

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