Week of April 30: Global Media

Despite technological problems this week, we have managed to spend some time discussing media in other countries! Here are some of the materials we used.

For the Freedom House report on the comparative levels of freedom of expression and Internet activity around the world, check out their website and their reports.

I also showed you the site of the Committee to Protect Journalists, an organization dedicated to preserving the freedom and safety of journalists around the world. The video below (not used in class) discusses some of the nations in which journalists have faced violence and even died in the process of reporting.

We examined the significant Internet industry of China, but also its challenges to free expression, as demonstrated in the videos below.

We watched an excerpt from this discussion on the role of social media in protests worldwide.

Finally, we didn’t have time to watch this one in class, but I find Ethan Zuckerman’s TED talk on the capability of media to unite global citizens to be quite inspiring. Check it out below.

How will you use the media to inform yourself about the world and become a more globally active citizen?

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